Team Zebrotics

2018 Lakeview District Finalists

Zebrotics FRC 5708
FRC team 5708, was founded in 2014-2015 school year at Community High School and we have grown
substantially in just a few years. In our first year there were only 6 students on the team. In 2015/6 season therewere 16 students on the team; in 2016/7 there were 19 and this season there are 26 students on the team. Wehave 12 mentors who work with our team. Many of them are engineering or science professionals but otherswork in communications, construction, education or design. Our team is 85% boys and 15% girls and is made up of5 seniors, 8 juniors, 9 sophomores, 4 freshmen. Community’s robotics team is one of only a handful of teams thatrepresent the school because CHS does not have any athletic teams- we are proud to represent Community!

Mission Statement:
Team 5708, Zebrotics, works to create innovators and leaders by engaging them in programs that build science, engineering and business skills and that develop well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, creativity, communication, and teamwork.

Guiding Principles:
1. We are a team; we support each other and value the free exchange of ideas.
2. We like to win but it is more important to learn, grow and discover.
3. We find solutions with guidance from team members & mentors; we teach & learn from each other.
4. We are STEM role models and are actively involved in our school, community and the world.
5. We have fun!